COFCO have developed a powerful fertiliser network and are sourcing quality products at competitive prices globally.

At COFCO we recognise that product choice has become much more difficult in recent years. Growers today must consider many issues when deciding on the right fertiliser for them. Issues such as cost of production; accuracy of spread; storage space and cash-flow are just a few of the challenges that must be addressed before settling on a product to use.

Our team of FACTS qualified farm traders can talk you through our wide range of products and systems, which focus on efficient use of nutrients as well the economic challenges.

At COFCO we take our responsibilities to you the grower very seriously, we have developed a powerful network of suppliers to source the best possible quality products at competitive prices. Being competitive in the modern fertiliser market goes without saying, but quality is an area that can be easily overlooked in the quest for a great deal.  

Our vision of quality goes much further than the physical nature of the product; our strong and sustainable relationships mean we can rely on our suppliers to provide us with important and timely information on the factors that influence markets which increasingly happen far beyond the UK.

Closer to home we have invested infrastructure such as import and storage facilities around the UK in order to meet the needs of our growing customer base. 

Click here for a 5 point plan for the safe handling and storage of fertiliser on farms

Product Data Sheets - Available on request

For our product data sheet on Polysulphate, please click the link Fert-Spec-Sheet-POLYSULPHATE-2.pdf



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