About us

We’re COFCO - a leading international grain trading company. In the UK, we trade all combinable crops and sell certified seeds and fertilisers.

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We’re active at every stage of the grain supply chain, purchasing all types and grades of cereals, oilseeds and proteins from farmers throughout the UK.  We market and distribute these to our customers in the food, feed and bioenergy sectors at home and abroad. We also supply our farming clients with the full range of certified seeds and fertilisers.

By consolidating our presence throughout the physical value chain, we have created a platform that efficiently connects agricultural producers and food consumers.

Strategically located production, processing and logistical assets support COFCO’s significant global sourcing and efficient distribution capabilities. An established presence in the major export and import regions
enables us to benefit from an intimate knowledge of local market drivers including farm economics, weather patterns, and government policies, and thus helps to optimize our operations and improve operating margin.

With a long-standing market presence, we have a deep understanding of the world’s largest agricultural markets. Supported by COFCO's unique position in China, we aim to create a vertically-integrated global agricultural supply chain, strengthen worldwide origination, logistics and trading capabilities and grow our business globally.

We operate with logistical and processing assets in the key global trade flows, employing more than 13,000 staff in 35 countries.

In the last year, we delivered more than 100 million tonnes of products globally.
What drives us is that, at COFCO International, we believe that agricultural products, which we need to support our daily life, should be available for every person on this planet, now and in the future. It’s all about ‘Meeting Tomorrow’s Demand’.